20ft Tent


$15.00 per day

All the way around helps to close up the tent.

Warning!! This does cut down on light and air movement.

Sometimes its best to only have one sidewall to keep out rain and sun, without cutting into the cool breeze.

Leg Skirts

$35.00 per day

Gives the wedding a little something extra!!!

Tent Leg Skirt

Tent Lights

$25.00 per day

Light up a tent for an evening party!!!

Tent Fans

$50.00 per day

In the hot Florida sun, it's nice to have something to help cool the party.

55 Gallon

Free Except

The Water

Just what you need to put your party just about anywhere!

We provide the barrels, the covers & even the hoses to for us to fill them.

Client only must provide water spigot and the water.

Tent Lights
Tent Fan
Tent Water Barrel